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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SKHHD ENGLISH PANEL PROJECT 2012,'Learn A Word And A Sentence A day'

'Learn A Word And A Sentence A Day' is one of the projects of SKHHD English Panel.One of our objectives is to enable the pupils to increase their English vocabulary and improve their grammar in speaking and writing. All pupils ( except for Yr 1 ) must involve in this activity which is carried out three times a week ( Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday ).The winners will be selected by the English teachers each month according to the ability of the pupils in speaking, reading and writing.

Puan Zuraina is reminding the pupils about
 the rules of the project
A few selected winners for February receive their
presents from the Headmistress

One of the pupils activity book

The diligent level 1 pupils are copying the new
 word and sentence for today

Remember to revise and read English words and
sentences at home

The word and sentence for today

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